Historical Background

Given the continuous increase in traffic and the increasing number of regulations by EASA, ICAO and other Organisations, as well as the constant development of aviation technology, it is generally recognized that training in aviation is an important factor for safety and the effective operation of all sectors of the industry.

Yet, in contrast with other parts of aviation, no organization representing collectively the European training providers and the relevant Educational Establishments exists. This constitutes a deficiency, which has been recognized by ICAO, ECAC and other European Institutions, as well as by the training industry itself[1]. Some efforts to create such Organisation in the past have not materialised for different reasons, including the fact that these efforts were made by institutional regulators rather than the industry itself.

It is noted that, with the support of ICAO, the African training organizations created the “Association of African Training Organisations  , which is making an important contribution to flight safety in this continent.