Meet our members

 The Training Organization of the Romanian Aeronautical Association 

The European Aviation Instituite (  is the training organisation of the Romanian Aeronautical Association (  - a non profit organization  established with the purpose of ensuring an optimum organizational environment for safely supporting, expanding, promoting and developing the aviation field.

Main activities :

  • Promoting and implementing of an eficient experience exchange at national and international level by participating and organizing conferences, seminars and round tables.
  • Representing the aviation field in relation with national and international bodes


 Member of  EASA - “General Aviation Subcommittee of the Safety Standards Consultative Committee” – 2012 - 2016


 Member of EGAST – “ European General Aviation Safety Team” – starting with  2013


 Member of ECAC - European Civil Aviation Conference: 2015 – 2017


 Founding member of  EATEO (2015)  and  member of  executive committee - starting with 2017 


 Member of ICAO Next Generation Aviation Professionals Program (NGAP) and leader of the Strategy and Planning NGAP Working Group - starting with 2016


The main objective of the European Aviation Institute is to contribute to the improvement of the worldwide aviation safety by:

  •  supporting and promoting a Continuous Training Culture and
  • raising the quality and standards of the specialized aeronautical training via different activities:
  • Developing and promoting the concept of : Aviation Safety Through Training to all of the aviation categories from General Aviation to Commercial Air Transport
  • Organizing specialized courses in order to raise the educational standards of the aeronautical personnel.


EAI is also  a Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) approved in accordance with Regulation EASA Part-147 (Certificate of Approval No RO.147.003)

With access to more then 30 skilled instructors, our focus is on delivering best skills to existing and new generations of aviation profesionals

EAI provide integrated or modular package of training solutions at our Centre in Bucharest or at other preferred location, with the same quality standard


Our courses:

  • Part 147 modular or integrated full training courses and examinations for all licence categories (A,B1,B2, B3)
  • Other specialised aviation courses
  • Introduction to Aviation Management
  • Technical English for Aviation
  • Short reviews for Part 147 Modules
  • Introduction to Aircraft Systems
  • Human Factors for Aviation Maintenance (Initial and
  • Refresher)
  • Electrical Wiring Interconect System (EWIS) (Initial and refresher)
  • Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) (Initial and refresher)
  • EASA & FAA Air Legislation (Initial and refresher)
  • Enhanced Zonal Analysis Procedure (EZAP) (Initial and
  • refresher)
  • Critical Design Confguration Control Limitation (CDCCL)
  • (Initial and refresher)
  • Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs)
  • Dangerous / Hazardous materials 14 CFR-Part 49 (Haz
  • Mat) (Initial and refresher)
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) (Initial and refresher)
  • AirWorthiness Instruction (ALI) (Inital and refresher)
  • AirWorthiness Limitation (AWL) (Initial and refresher)
  • De-Icing Anti -Icing (Initial and refresher)
  • Boroscope Inspection (NDI) (Initial and refresher)
  • Engine RUN up (Initial and refresher)
  • Corrosion Inspection (CPCP Program) (Initial and
  • refresher)
  • Air trafic control
  • Pilot licence
  • Cabin crew
  • Medical examiner (AME)
  • Apron Safety
  • Dangerous Goods
    • Course plan for cargo agents

    • Ramp agents (CAT 8 IATA) and document (CAT 10 IATA) courses

    •  Security and check in agents - CAT 9 IATA

  • Aircraft Handling
  • Dangerous Goods (all IATA categories)
  • Initial Aeronautical Security
    • Initial Aeronautical Security Courses for

    • Operational and Check-in Agents

    • Initial Aeronautical Courses for Ramp Agents

  • Basic Check-In
  • Customer Care for Check-in Agents
  • Airports Infrastructure
  • Basic courses for cargo handling and control agents
  • Turnaround Coordination
  • Aeronautical Meteorology - Flight Dispatchers


Other services provided by EAI

  • Developing courses and materials for our parteners
  • Developing Other Specialized Aviation Courses  on request
  • Providing consultancy and technical assistance for authorisation of aviation training organsations