EATEO Action Plan for 2018

Monday November 20, 2017

Whilst it was recognised that, since this is the first year of EATEO’s existence and the new Members that will be joining the Association may have different priorities, no detailed action plan can be prepared.

Nevertheless, and within the objectives of EATEO contained in its Articles of Association, the following actions are planned for 2018 :


a) Renew efforts to attract new members, by sending reminders to those that are still thinking, as well as those that have not shown any interest yet, stressing the results of the Conference and the first GA .

b) Propose to International Organizations such as, ICAO, ECAC, EUROCONTROL and EASA, to accept EATEO as an observer to some of their meetings.

c) Proceed with the publication of the NEWSLETTER, to be distributed globally in an electronic form, whereby Members may advertise free of charge.

d) To develope projects which are potentially of interest to the European Commission and request their financial contribution. Already, two such projects have been discussed between EATEO management and several Members.


e) To continue developing relations with Organisations in other regions, similar to the MOC signed today with AATO. In relation to this, efforts will be made to facilitate the collaboration between EATEO and AATO members.

f) The develope policy papers on specific issues .It has been decided to begin with a Paper on "Best Practices ".

7) To provide all Members with a “CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP”, which they may use for their promotional activities.