Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the “ European Association of Aviation Training and Education Organizations –EATEO”.

EATEO aspires to be the European voice for driving the best aviation training and education practices and to provide a common forum for its Members, enabling them to contribute to aviation safety and other fields of civil aviation , to defend their common interests in European as well as international fora and to support them in their efforts as regards  promotion of their training activities and the securing of new business.

The creation of EATEO, is the collective result of an initiative that began a year ago, by certain training organizations, Universities and other experts, and with the encouragement and support of certain European Institutions.

The reasons that led to the initiative, is the realization that , in contrast with other parts of aviation, no Organization representing collectively the European training providers and the relevant Educational Establishments existed in Europe. This constituted a deficiency, which has been recognized by ICAO, ECAC and other European Institutions, as well as by the training industry itself.


EATEO is a Legal Entity since 3 June 2016, registered  as Non-profit, non-Governmental Organisation and currently with thirteen Members. It is currently managed by an interim Executive Committee. Once a satisfactory number of Members join EATEO, a General Assembly will be held ( sometime at the end of October 2016) , which will elect the permanent Executive Committee and the Management Officials.

Through this website , which we aspire to enrich gradually, as well as by other means of communications,  potential and registered members will be receiving detailed information regarding all developments , details of  the General Assembly and the election procedure of the Executive Committee.


We look forward to welcome you to EATEO and to our cooperation in demonstrating the importance of training for the safety and the effective operation of all sectors of the aviation industry.


Best regards


Raymond Benjamin ( Former SG of ICAO)                                                                                                   Christos Petrou

Interim Chairman of the EATEO Executive Committee                                                                         Interim Executive Director