EATEO presents its 2017 Annual Award to HERMES Airports

Monday November 20, 2017

In line with its policies to recognize excellence in training, EATEO decided to establishe a yearly Award, to be presented to any of its members who demonstrated exemplary pe4rformance in training. To that effect, an award committee was established and examined several nominations on the basis of certain criteria. This year HERMES Airports was selected.

Hermes Airports, the operator of Larnaka and Pafos airports, is highly engaged in providing training, learning and developmental opportunities to all Employees. Hermes considers continuous training and learning as an integral part of the success and growth of the organization and as such is deeply woven into its strategic priorities.

Continuous emphasis is placed on training aspects of aviation, safety, security and environmental standards and regulations, ensuring that all Employees are equipped with the highest level of required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their current duties. In addition the company through the Human Resources department and management team are continuously developing their employees on leadership attributes developing them for future roles and responsibilities

Hermes Airports is currently in the process of setting up the “Hermes Academy”, aiming to continue providing professional learning and developmental opportunities to its Employees as well as to the wider Airport Community.